Critically examining the doctrine of gender identity

My talk for the Coventry Skeptics in the Pub is available to watch here. The camera angle is slightly dodgy, but the audio is fine and the slides are all embedded in the video. Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “Critically examining the doctrine of gender identity

  1. I came across this on a radfem blog called GenderTrender. It’s fantastic – arguments are very clearly put. Thank you from a 2nd wave radfem.

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  2. Some really useful and well-constructed arguments here thanks, did they film the Q&A? I’d like to perhaps hear the discussion prompted 🙂


  3. Rebecca you have balls 😉 Seriously though, You are incredibly courageous. I have been having these conversations in hushed tones for fear of being stoned to death by my would-be (hegemonic) “community” for well over a decade. I want to shake your hand, hug you, and thank you a thousand times from the bottom of my heart for wading through and dismantling this horrendously murky and unapproachable subject publicly. Will you marry me? 😀

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    1. Some gender critical trans-women actually agree with your thoughts in this video, Rebecca.
      For example, Jen Bob says:
      “I’m clearly not a … female, I’m a trans-woman and that makes me a male that lives in a given female role and wants to look female. It doesn’t really make me a woman…”
      @ 7:10 of the following video,

      A large number of women in the comments of the video are thanking Jen Bob for her balanced view on the “trans-trend” debate.

      and here is another trans-women from UK,

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